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Real-time Functional Anatomy is now available!

Visualize and master the musculoskeletal system like never before…

Expanding our early-access version, we’re thrilled to introduce the brand-new release of Real-time Functional Anatomy. This groundbreaking, interactive resource includes an expanded user interface, new and refined 3D Real-time animations and scenes depicting relevant neurovascular supply.


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To provide a next-level learning experience in functional anatomy, we’ve brought our 3D whole body Real-time model into action. It includes over 120 animations covering more than 20 joints, tailored scenes with relevant neurovascular supply and a 3D goniometer to help master goniometry technique.


Take control of learning with ability to dissect, ghost, hide and examine anatomical structures in motion. Watch this video to see it in action:



Knowledge of functional anatomy is a must for all healthcare workers to understand and diagnose musculoskeletal conditions. Especially physical/physiotherapists, occupational therapists and those in sports science. Visualizing this movement is challenging as structures are obscured by the skin and can’t be fully understood from 2D resources or limited angles. With Primal’s Real-time Functional Anatomy, you won’t just learn – you will master functional anatomy.


Here’s what’s we’ve added in this new release:


    • New Real-time user interface
    • 85+ new gallery views with musculoskeletal system and neurovascular supply presented layer by layer
    • 60+ revised and new functional animations with detailed description of kinesiology
    • 50+ revised goniometry animations with detailed descriptions of goniometry technique
    • Keyboard shortcuts for accessibility


To learn more about Primal’s Real-time Functional Anatomy or other Primal learning resources, please fill in the form here and our team will be in touch.

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