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Here are our most popular titles:

  • Primal’s 3D Human Anatomy Quiz App – A combination of our pioneering digital model of the human body with a fun interface designed to test understanding of anatomical structures and aid recall. With a limitless bank of questions, it’s the perfect study tool.
  • Primal’s 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy – A highly detailed and comprehensive atlas of the body. Contains MRI, dissection and clinical slides/movies.
  • Primal’s 3D Real-time Human Anatomy – A virtual body for simulation, exploration, dissection, etc. Put structures in x-ray mode, create custom images, review pre- and post-surgery and much more. Includes over 200 prosection images. Use alongside cadaver lab or as a replacement.
  • Functional Anatomy – A dynamic resource showing muscle movement. Perfect for sports injuries, rehab, etc.
  • Anatomy & Physiology – All the content equivalent to a major A&P textbook. For any A&P/pre-med/undergrad course.


Additional titles: