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Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine

Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine is a groundbreaking collaboration combining Primal’s 30+ years as the leader in digital human anatomy education with the expert knowledge of the Anatomical Society, working together to create an educational resource to support the Society’s Core Regional Anatomy Syllabus for Undergraduate Medicine.

This unique partnership has created an empowering, student-centric educational experience. It delivers clear and engaging resources, providing undergraduates with a comprehensive understanding of all the anatomical knowledge they require.

For an in-depth overview of this new anatomy education solution, please download our expanded brochure.

As a hub of videos, visuals and quizzes created by a community of experts and featuring Primal’s renowned 3D anatomy, Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine brings to life all 156 learning outcomes defined in the Anatomical Society’s syllabus, which already underpins medical curricula in countless institutions worldwide.

This new collection enables students to invest in their own education – facilitating success through confidence in their own knowledge – while also supporting educators with an unequalled selection of peer-curated, goal-orientated content you can trust.

Watch this preview video below to see a brief demo of the module in action, including videos, quizzes, user interface, and more. Or watch a full sample video, featuring Dr. Claire Fitton, University of Glasgow Lecturer in Anatomy, demonstrating all the anatomy knowledge needed to achieve the learning outcome “Describe the relationship between the femoral canal and the inguinal ligament and the anatomy of femoral hernias.”

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What are Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine?

Edited and curated by the Anatomical Society’s Education Committee, this innovative medical anatomy education tool includes the following:

  • 156 videos (10-15 minutes each) led by subject matter experts from around the world leveraging Primal’s 3D visuals to demonstrate the anatomy and explain the concepts required to fulfill each learning outcome. (Watch some of the presenters explain the power of the project.)


  • Embedded, interactive 3D models from across Primal’s product portfolio that support the videos and allow exploration of the anatomy and encourage directed self-learning.


  • Relevant clinical content from Primal’s Disease & Conditions module, providing tangible clinical context that solidifies the importance and application of learning.


  • Multiple-choice questions for each learning outcome that allow for self-assessment, perfect for the flipped classroom and for studying.


Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine is based on the Anatomical Society’s Core Regional Anatomy Syllabus for Undergraduate Medicine, which was published in 2015 to help standardize the level of anatomical knowledge required for medical students to graduate. The syllabus was constructed with input from 39 experts from around the world in order to produce a rigorous and research-based consensus, and is applicable to all medical programs. (For more information, see “The Anatomical Society core regional anatomy syllabus for undergraduate medicine” by C.F. Smith et al. Journal of Anatomy, 228: 15–23 with permission from John Wiley & Sons Ltd. and the Anatomical Society.)

A vast majority of institutions use standardized learning outcomes to assess student success. They may not all use the Anatomical Society’s outcomes specifically, but this project’s validation process has shown there is synergy across curricula. According to a 2019 study, only 46% of surveyed students estimated that they knew over 50% of the learning outcomes, highlighting the need for this new learning resource.

Why Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine?

Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine provides learning opportunities that maximize students’ anatomical potential as future health professionals. It addresses and simplifies the time-consuming challenge of sourcing quality and trustworthy digital resources to enhance students’ anatomical knowledge – the foundation of safe and effective clinical practice.

In addition, with recent changes in medical education – including more focus on “newer” subjects like molecular genetics and non-technical skills, as well as more emphasis on skill-based teaching and approaches that stress clinical relevance – there is less dedicated time for anatomy. Both students and educators are in need of support to ensure future medical professionals have the anatomy background necessary for outstanding patient care. For example, in Australia, which has the most anatomy teaching hours in the world, 73% of students in this study still believed it was not enough and only 40% thought they would graduate with adequate anatomy knowledge.

Value for Students

  • Relevant and credible content – With the abundance of content available on the internet, it can be easy to get off track or study from inaccurate resources. Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine features only the essential anatomy necessary for graduation, sourced from our team of experts.


  • Tailored content – Choosing appropriate content for different stages of learning – with myriad options – can be overwhelming. Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine is divided into digestible segments for more efficient studying.


  • Diverse and inclusive learning opportunities – Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes is a link to experts from across the globe, each with their own approach to education. It’s perfect for a variety of learning styles.


Value for Educators

  • A credible resource – Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine was created by over 50 experts in the field, ensuring students learn from reliable and trusted content.


  • More student interaction – Sourcing curriculum-aligned content to prep students for class is time consuming. Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine makes that easy, enabling more time for deep dives into topics and facilitating student discussion and progress.


  • Increased student opportunities and success – Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine provides tools to accelerate anatomy learning and opportunities to learn from a global team of experts with different education backgrounds and styles.


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