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Primal VR

A fully immersive, interactive and engaging virtual environment for teaching and learning anatomy.

Introducing Primal VR

Increase comprehension, engagement, and enthusiasm for learning with Primal VR, a fully immersive, interactive, and engaging virtual environment for teaching and learning human anatomy.

Primal VR marries Primal Pictures’ best-in-class 3D human anatomy model with cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology supplied by our technology partner Curiious. Primal VR provides an unforgettable teaching and learning experience for both educators and students.

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Primal Pictures 3D anatomy model, built using real scan data from the visible human project, has been carefully segmented to create an unparalleled level of detail and accuracy. All of the content within this program has been verified by qualified anatomists and by a team of external experts for each body area.

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Connection, Emotion, Engagement = Learning

Interact with human anatomy in a completely new way with Primal VR. Walk 360 degrees around the model and select, scale, and rotate each structure for a fully immersive experience that raises the understanding of anatomy while also increasing spatial awareness. Highlight individual structures to hear pronunciation and explore detailed contextual information. Boost assessment outcomes with a new way of learning that ignites excitement, enthusiasm, and aids retention and recall.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased engagement, comprehension, excitement, and attendance – leading to enhanced assessment outcomes
  • Perfect for blended learning environments, providing another touchpoint and new way of approaching subject matter
  • Simulate and enhance the experience of the cadaver lab, before and after live sessions

Primal VR Features:

  • Interact with Primal’s 3-D anatomy model in a fully immersive virtual environment
  • Enjoy comprehensive coverage of the entire human body with over 13,000 structures individually modelled
  • Navigate anatomy models by walking around them or manipulating the models themselves
  • Employ the intuitive tools used to manipulate the anatomy including:
  • Structure selection
  • Hiding structures
  • X-ray structures
  • Pull out structures
  • Structure pronunciation

About the Primal/Curiious partnership:

When Primal Pictures wanted to find the right virtual reality (VR) partner to develop an immersive learning tool utilizing Primal’s best-in-class 3D anatomical model, the company undertook an extensive search before collaborating with the immersive learning experts at Curiious.

“We were looking for a partner who could provide that expertise, and they [Curiious] have an amazing reputation,” says Laura Taylor, Primal Pictures’ Senior Enterprise Solutions Executive – APAC. “…when we met the [Curiious] team, we realized their approach to VR fit perfectly with our goals for bringing our interactive solutions into the immersive space.”

With approximately 2,000 educational institutions around the world already using Primal Pictures 3D anatomy products on desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, Taylor believes Primal VR will enable those institutions to move seamlessly into the VR space. Brett Heil, founder of Curiious, agrees. “Proficiency is best enabled through repetition, but the use of cadavers and props, while essential, understandably limits the potential for repeat lessons,” he says. “With Primal VR, lessons in an immersive environment can be repeated over and over again with no disposable resource.”

Curiious is an Immersive Learning Company focused on setting new benchmarks in learning and measurement. For over 20 years, it has used creativity and technology to solve problems, grow businesses, and transform communication. With offices in Sydney and Los Angeles, they create outcome-driven immersive experiences backed by the latest technology, innovative design, and strategic thinking to captivate, inspire, and educate audiences.

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