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Webinar alert: Tour with Primal Pictures

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Join us for an exclusive webinar highlighting the dynamic range of software for educators, students, librarians and healthcare. We’ll tour Primal’s 3D solutions that deliver results in any setting across all steps of the learning journey.


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Tuesday, 30 April – 12 p.m. (London time)

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Tuesday, 7 May – 12 p.m. (New York time)


Webinar Details

For more than 30 years, Primal’s pioneering, vibrant and award-winning software has been used by millions in over 1,500 institutions across more than 150 countries. Our content is customizable to reduce content overload and meet the specialty needs of medicine, nursing, dentistry, embryology, pharma, physical therapy/rehabilitation, occupational therapy, sports medicine and more.


Our model was the first and is still the most accurate on the market, using data from real bodies – not artist renditions. Finalized with the expertise of our anatomists and peer-review team, this meticulousness provides you with unrivaled authenticity you can trust.


This webinar will feature:

    • How Primal boosts student engagement and achievement
    • How content is easily incorporated into curriculums and learning systems
    • The power of performing a virtual dissection and using augmented reality (AR) to get students excited about anatomy
    • How Primal’s content enables more valuable contact teaching time and empowers online learning
    • A spotlight on one of our latest releases, Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine, created in collaboration with the Anatomical Society (UK/Ireland)

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Explore Primal Pictures for your institution today.
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