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Join us: November webinars present Primal’s latest revolutionary features

Be the first to explore new customization and biomechanics in motion

Join us for an exclusive free webinar showcasing the launch of two new groundbreaking features for Personal Profiles and Real-time Functional Anatomy.


Please choose one of the dates below:
Wednesday, Nov. 17 – 9 AM GMT – Register now
Friday, Nov. 19 – 11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT – Register now


Personal Profiles will streamline our front-end dashboard and improve access to the content you need, while Real-time Functional Anatomy (RTFA) represents years of R&D – presenting our content in motion like never before and perfect for anyone who needs to understand biomechanics.


Don’t be left behind! Join this session to see the developments in action, understand their impact on users, learn how you can access them and have all your questions answered.


At this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to personalize your experience
    • Favorite modules and content, pick up where you left off and optimize your dashboard based on educational or professional preferences
  • How to gain full 360 control of our model in movement
    • Explore anatomy and study animated movement from any angle
    • Visualize core anatomical movements, testing positions and gross motor movements such as running
    • Layer anatomy while in motion, from superficial musculature right down to the ligaments


This year we celebrate Primal’s 30th birthday! Our launch used data from the Visible Human Project – in which real bodies were prepared, sliced, photographed, and then digitized – additional scans, and the expertise of our anatomists and peer-review team. This meticulousness provides you with unrivaled authenticity and accuracy you can trust.

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Explore Primal Pictures for your institution today.
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