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Primal at 30: Looking back, looking forward (part 1)

See our anatomy tools through the eyes of our team

As we reach the end of our 30th-year birthday celebration, we’d like to share with you some insight on working at Primal from our fabulous staff. It takes an entire village of anatomists, customer service reps, graphic designers, product specialists, sales reps, software developers, and more to bring you the extensive suite of best-in-class products Primal offers that accelerate anatomy education and engagement. Cheers to them! And, of course, cheers to you: the reason we go to work with pride every day. Looking forward to a fabulous 2022 with even bigger and better developments

Here’s just a sample of the words that describe Primal best, pulled from our staff interviews:

  From Laurie Ballantyne, product manager:

Primal isn’t just a company made up of the internal team; our customers are the most vital part of what Primal is. We provide solutions for real customers and their real needs, so Primal works in the real world. One of my favorite projects over the past 10 years was adding the dissection images to our 3D Real-time product. I loved it because I got to help lead and create something I really wish I’d had when I was studying. It’s one of Primal’s most powerful tools in translating 2D concepts into 3D and being able to revise and practice lab scenarios.

  From Simon Barrick, head of graphics:

Primal is simply the most detailed and accurate resource out there, with the most number of years of effort invested in building it. One of my favorite projects is our brand new Real-time Functional Anatomy – because no-one else has anything like it! I’ve always wanted to get functional anatomy into Real-time ever since I started over 25 years ago. Can’t wait to see it in VR!

From Nicholas Clifford, lead graphic artist:

I’ve been with Primal for 21 years and I love how we strive to make the best product and most accurate anatomy model. An incredible amount of time and work goes into it. It’s the dedication to detail that matters.

  From Dave Hughes, GTM manager & product specialist:

I get great satisfaction from working for the best company in this field over the past 7 years, and I can always recommend our products knowing that they provide incredible value for our customers. The quality of the product, ultimately comes down to the people working on it – and we have the best people and the best network of advisors and experts. Running free training webinars for clients is likely my favorite task as it’s really enjoyable talking to the people who are actually using our products – finding out what works and what the priorities are for the future and importantly – demonstrating all of the incredible ways Primal content can be used in their environment.

  From Daheen Lee, junior product manager:

Every single one of our products is created by people who really love and care about anatomy education, thus they naturally end up high quality and extremely accurate. I especially enjoyed working on the Disease & Conditions module as it was my first task with Primal and I was able to get away with having all the graphical clinical images displayed on both of my monitors in the office!

From Karen Morley, product and market strategy:

Primal’s 3D anatomy just looks amazing! It’s extremely engaging and throughout my 11 years with the team it’s always wonderful to hear our students and faculty repeatedly say the same.


This post continues here in part 2

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