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New from Primal for 2024!

Functional anatomy, Accessibility, Embryology, ED&I, Physiopedia & more...

At Primal, we are always tirelessly working to improve and expand our learning resources – always based on user feedback.


You can download a timeline of recent and upcoming releases here. And read on to learn some of what you can look forward to in 2024:


Accessibility – We’re ensuring content is accessible to as wide an audience as possible, including users with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments. Includes improved keyboard shortcuts and navigation, text scaling, closed captions, screen-reader compatibility and pronunciation guides to align with WCAG level AA guidelines.


Real-time Embryology – Utilizing the power of our Real-time technology, visualize Carnegie stages 7-23 of embryo development like no other resource on the market! Includes 14 3D models created at the Amsterdam Medical Center. Interact with, ghost, dissect or add structures, and view from any perspective to fully understand the complex folding and structural changes that create body systems.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pledge / Ethics statement – Stay tuned for our 2024 roadmap of commitments to support, improve and move closer toward ED&I in the anatomy education community. Includes product updates on sex and gender, decolonization, accessibility, age and body size.



Real-time Functional Anatomy – On top of the 120+ animations of functional anatomy, gross motor movements and goniometry, phase 2 of this release includes: (1) 80+ new pre-set views of interactive anatomy aligned with movement to break down details such as innervation and blood supply to muscles performing specific movements; (2) List of structures for pre-set views and animations so you can tailor the structures you want to see; (3) Enhanced and customizable label and pin options with the ability to save and share all content.


Physiopedia Guide to Real-time Functional Anatomy – A new learning resource for any health profession related to biomechanics. Includes videos explaining the anatomy and movement of each joint using our Real-time Functional Anatomy. Created by our partner Physiopedia – “the Wikipedia for the rehab profession” – it also features embedded content from across our product portfolio.


Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine – In phase 3 of this release we’re adding a new quiz for self-learning. This accompanies 150+ expert-led videos on all the anatomy you need for a medical degree, invaluable for student self-assessment and tracking student learning.


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