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Primal at 30: Praise from our community

Don’t take it from us, let's hear from you!

Inspiring students with the world’s most accurate and flexible 3D digital anatomy and physiology resources is what Primal takes pride in and has been dedicated to for 30 years.


See why educators rely on us for unmatched content that doesn’t sacrifice quality. To learn how others are using Primal successfully to boost outcomes – either through in-person, remote or self-directed learning – download this custom collection of case studies that we’ve prepared over the years.


Here’s just a preview:


  • “Primal is intuitive and allows for easy use. And when a student is stressed out about an exam, the ease of use and easy, bite-size information is especially important.”
    Jaydon Foiret, Postgrad Student and Teacher, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • “One of the big reasons for my recommendation was also the easy integration of Primal Pictures into our system. And it solved the problem of how to share content between professors and students.”
    Agueda Mercadal Torres, Subject Librarian for Health Sciences and Psychology, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain
  • “It’s not just anatomy and physiology, you have exercise videos and also ultrasound… and for everything that we’re able to give to these students, it has definitely improved their performance.”
    Eric Greska, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware, USA


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Explore Primal Pictures for your institution today.
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