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3D Atlas

Primal’s premier product – the only atlas you will ever need

Covering the whole human body in 9 individual regions, Primal’s 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy provides the highest level of anatomical accuracy and detail available anywhere digitally. From student, to educator, to practitioner, Primal’s 3D Atlas has everything to learn, master and teach human anatomy. Unrivaled 3D interactive anatomy models that can be layered and rotated are complemented with an extensive collection of multimedia material to reinforce knowledge and understanding, with stunning visuals, including 3D model to MRI imaging correlations, detailed text and video clips.

3D Real-time

Primal’s ultimate 3D interactive anatomy experience

This standout 3D interactive digital anatomy resource can be used on any connected device and provides real-world context and relevance to enhance teaching, learning and communication. With a focus on digital and cadaveric dissection, it gives you ultimate control to explore the human body with unprecedented detail, accuracy and flexibility. Jump right in or customize and create content to address your specific needs – whether it’s learning anatomical relationships and detail, preparing for surgery, or educating patients.

Anatomy & Physiology

Visualize functions of cells to systems like never before

Go far beyond textbook learning with the ultimate 3D digital resource. Providing comprehensive foundations in function from gross to microanatomy, explore this 20-topic systemic resource filled with interactive models and animations, as well as case studies, clinical content and quizzing. Suitable across a variety of courses and levels, Primal’s 3D Human Anatomy & Physiology is presented in a guided-learning format that builds your knowledge and confidence along a structured journey, further supported by narrated animations and a variety of learning objectives and activities.


Primal’s interactive clinical solution for successful outcomes

Whether you are studying chiropractic medicine or are a professional chiropractor already, this product will be the key to your success. Learn from world-class experts with 3D interactive peer-review anatomy models, including 3D model to MRI imaging correlations to depict the nuances in even the smallest anatomical structure. Get hands-on real-world experience with detailed clinical articles, text and videos from our contributors in the field. Refresh your anatomical knowledge, and engage with patients – Primal’s 3D Human Anatomy for Chiropractic is the perfect solution.

Functional Anatomy

Primal’s benchmark solution bringing musculoskeletal anatomy to life

Primal’s 3D Human Functional Anatomy is the engaging tool that helps you expand your knowledge and truly excel with interactive animations demonstrating key muscle function movements, comprehensive 3D interactive anatomy views and interactive dissection images. Examine the musculoskeletal system alongside detailed explanatory text to fully understand its form and function. Learn with confidence using our highly detailed and accurate 3D model – peer reviewed and verified by experts.