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Justin Miller



Carthage College, WI, US

Professor turns to Primal's 3D Real-time Human Anatomy

Enhancing lectures and improving student performance

I have recently added 3D Real-time to the course materials for my Human Anatomical Systems class, which is designed to prepare college-level juniors and seniors for any career in biomedical science… In class, I frequently use this software to highlight difficult to identify structures and quickly create practice quizzes using the drawing tools.

Since its addition, exam scores have increased by nearly 12% over previous years.

The students enjoy using 3D Real-time both in-class and remotely because it is comprehensive, intuitive and versatile. Having the ability to view anatomic structures both individually and in-context has improved their understanding of human biomechanics, and they often comment that it is an excellent study aid.

I have also been able to easily compose and save high-resolution images for exams, which has significantly reduced my exam preparation time.

Overall, I am very impressed with 3D Real-time and strongly recommend this program for anyone who is teaching and/or learning human anatomy.