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What makes a good anatomy app?

How to choose the right one for you

Do you find it hard to stay productive and focused when studying complex anatomical subjects? If you want to study anatomy more effectively, have you ever considered downloading an app? And if so, which one should you choose? We know that there are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right app, so here we will break down the key factors of a successful anatomy app to help you make the right choice.

      • Purpose of the app
      • Quality of content
      • Knowledge level
      • Gamification
      • Accessibility

Purpose of app

The main purpose of an anatomy app is to help you learn anatomy! To be truly useful it needs to encompass all the below criteria (all of which can be found in Primal’s Anatomy Quiz App for Apple or Android):

      • It needs to be fun – detailed subjects like the nerve and blood supply to the upper limbs need to be explored in a way that is engaging but also highly accurate and effective.
      • Can be used anytime and anywhere – to keep up the momentum of learning, you need to be able to retrieve information offline, on the go and from any device.
      • Improve exam outcomes – and more specifically, the retention of anatomical knowledge over a longer period.


Watch a preview video of Primal’s 3D Anatomy Quiz App:


Quality of content

The content should be detailed enough to complement coursework and be highly accurate to gain the user’s trust. You should be wary about using completely free apps, especially while learning anatomy, as you may be given low quality or inaccurate information which can hinder your understanding of this complex and meticulous subject. It’s beneficial to invest in an app that you know has been peer-reviewed by professionals in their field. Having access to high-quality content and easy-to-follow workflows can transform the way you learn.

Level of audience knowledge of the content

Have you ever downloaded an app only to find it didn’t have everything you need? It can be tough beginning your learning journey, unsure if the app you have chosen contains all the anatomical information you will ever need. A good way to find out is to check if the app has part of its content available for free. You’ll get a good feel for the type of learning experience the app will provide and whether purchasing the full content will assist you right up to your final exams.


Learning is easy when it’s fun, and what better way to learn the myriad of systems and regions of the body than through a variety of interactive activities, such as quizzes!


Competition is healthy, especially when it comes to learning about your body! Learning through gaming builds on our inherent desire to win – against others and ourselves – motivating us to keep going even when the subject gets tricky.


Winning is addictive, therefore the learning part becomes addictive too. The satisfaction we get releases dopamine into our bodies making us feel good that we have achieved something important and more likely to retain information for longer.


Having a tangible sense of achievement through enticers – such as badges and goals – encourages our human need for status, while secretly learning anatomy of course!


The ideal anatomy app should be available at any time, and anywhere. To achieve this is, it should consider the following factors:

      • Being able to use the app anywhere – using the app offline and online, being compatible and easily transferrable across devices means you can continue learning outside the classroom.
      • Intuitive UI design – so you spend less time navigating the app and more time learning anatomy. Also useful is a well-thought-out user guide that can be accessed at any time.
      • Adjustable settings for users with different needs – this incorporates background colors, text size, highlight colors, plus the option to turn sound on/off.

Introducing Primal’s 3D Anatomy Quiz App

And where can you find such a stellar app? Primal’s 3D Anatomy Quiz App of course (for Apple and Android)! By bringing Primal’s best-in-class content to these self-assessment modules, students can be sure of a fun, fast, and effective way to increase their learning of anatomy. The app contains all the key features mentioned above, such as:

      • Purpose – Strategically geared toward learning anatomy by breaking down complex subjects in a fun and engaging way.
      • Quality – Highly detailed and accurate 3D digital model of the human body, scanned from real-life data and with 1000+ anatomical structures to choose from. The 3D Anatomy Quiz App has the additional benefit of being fully peer-reviewed by professionals.
      • Audience knowledge – Final-year student or just interested in anatomy? The 3D Anatomy Quiz App allows you to work through each region of the body at your own pace and with the option to choose easier or harder questions.
      • Gamification – The quiz allows you to choose different regions to test your knowledge. It also includes a reward system: Gain medals for multiple correct answers in a row, providing a sense of achievement and increasing motivation. The options are endless.
          • 13 individual regions.
          • 9 different systems.
          • Different types of questions, such as “what is?” and “where is?”
          • Choose the number of questions to answer, from 10 to unlimited.
      • Accessibility – Use anytime from anywhere.
          • The UI design is easy to use with self-explanatory icons. The 3D model is fully interactive and can be rotated, zoomed, layered and ghosted for a unique viewing experience.
          • Adjust most settings (except sound) to account for those with different needs.
          • Access via desktop if you prefer viewing on a larger screen.


Download the app today (Apple or Android) and test your knowledge of the hand for free! Or if your institution subscribes, other regions can be unlocked at no additional cost.

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