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Primal Pictures creates fully interactive, cutting edge and engaging 3D digital teaching and learning solutions. Reconstructed from real data, our solutions deliver unparalleled medical accuracy and detail, unlocking a deeper level of understanding.

Primal Pictures provides a crucial foundation for leading Universities and health science educators around the world to teach, learn and practice.

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3D Real-time
Human Anatomy

3D Atlas of
Human Anatomy

3D Human Anatomy and Physiology

3D Human Functional Anatomy

3D Human Anatomy for Dentistry

Speech Language Pathology

3D Real-time Human Anatomy

The perfect tool for creating custom images complete with labels and annotations using medically-accurate 3D anatomy models. With 100% user-driven functionality, rotate the models in any direction, choose which anatomical structures are added or removed in groups or individually. Structures can be viewed in x-ray, opaque or isolation. Faculty & Students can bring anatomy to life through use of a multitude of settings including cadaveric colors, X-ray mode and 3D anaglyph stereo mode.

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3D Atlas of Human Anatomy

An unparalleled 3D anatomy atlas, accurately built by hand from imaging data. Each region includes all anatomical structures, which are labeled and linked to a huge library of supporting content; including detailed text linked to multimedia content with high resolution, labeled dissection slides, annotated illustrations, clinical slides, video clips and biomechanics animations.

Each region also includes a detailed and many-layered cross section model which can be correlated with equivalent MRI in 3 planes. Users can rotate or tip the models and add or remove layers of anatomy from bone to skin.

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3D Human Anatomy and Physiology

An innovative, integrated, multimedia learning resource, featuring 20 interactive modules. With content equivalent to the major text books, bring learning to life with interactive 3D models, narrated animations, an atlas of micro-anatomy, histology and dissection images, ancillary content covering aging, case studies, common clinical conditions and quizzes; all easily integrated into a variety of lesson plans.

A dedicated Faculty Area makes thousands of learning objects readily available for lesson plans and lectures – from images and animations to LMS compatible content. The guided learning approach, from learning objectives to self-testing, makes learning more efficient for students.

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3D Human Functional Anatomy

This popular and versatile digital resource, featuring over 290 interactive 3D anatomy views, brings functional anatomy to life. Featuring an extensive library of over 75 animations covering many common movements such as flexion, extension, adduction and abduction for the head and neck, upper extremity, trunk, pelvis and lower extremities.

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3D Human Anatomy for Dentistry

Interact with accurate 3D models of the head, neck, face, oral and nasal cavities, dentition, individual teeth, palate and floor of mouth, larynx and pharynx, sinuses, eye, brain and more. Many views can be rotated 360 degrees or tipped in the vertical axis to give you a better view of specific anatomical structures.

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3D Human Anatomy for Speech Language Pathology

This innovative and medically accurate interactive 3D atlas and clinical reference is perfect for speech language pathology and communication disorders educators, students and practitioners. Featuring a comprehensive selection of 3D views covering key body systems and visually stunning head and neck views, this resource is complemented by a wealth of multimedia clinical content covering swallowing, phonetics and many commonly presenting disorders. This engaging online program, makes teaching more effective and memorable, learning more fun and provides practitioners with the ultimate patient education tool.

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