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Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy Medical Software


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Primal's 3D Human Anatomy and Physiology for Audiology

An interactive and fully integrated educational resource that provides a guided learning approach covering the anatomy and physiology for hearing with engaging multimedia content. This engaging digital resource is an effective teaching solution, serving as an accurate and detailed anatomy and clinical reference.

Our software was created in collaboration with an experienced team of Faculty, the content is aimed at undergraduates studying audiology and hearing or communication/speech language courses and provides both the educator and the student with an invaluable educational solution.

The content is presented as 15 units covering the following topics.

  • Introduction

  • Anatomical Terms

  • Basic Acoustics and Sound

  • Action Potentials

  • Synapses and Neurotransmitters

  • Skull

  • Development of the Ear

  • Anatomy of Hearing

  • Microanatomy of the Cochlea

  • Auditory and Facial Nerve

  • Central Auditory Pathway

  • Transmission of Sound

  • Physiology of the Cochlea

  • Anatomy of Equilibrium Balance

  • Equilibrium Balance

Each unit contains specific learning objectives and students are guided through relevant anatomy and physiology with multimedia content designed to appeal to all the senses, different learning styles and to keep students engaged:

  • Spectacular interactive 3D anatomy views from Primal’s renowned library of accurately built models form a key part of the learning experience. Students can view, rotate, explore and label the accurate and appealing 3D models to master both gross and micro anatomy more effectively.

  • Narrated and subtitled animations present complex physiological processes in an easy to follow format – students can play, pause and watch again to consolidate their knowledge.

  • Clear text explanations guide students through each topic and provides context. A comprehensive pronunciation guide also is included.

  • Clinical case studies provide insightful context and allow students to test their knowledge and understanding.

  • Integrated lab activities provide engaging exercises to enhance the learning process.

  • Interactive quizzes make difficult anatomical concepts and physiological processes easier for students to understand and provides immediate feedback at the end of each section and module. The quizzes can also be imported into many Learning Management Systems.

Flexible Educational Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Our flexible license and adoption solutions will give you and your students access to our modular interactive 3D anatomy software content and hundreds of images that will help you reinforce your course material, providing you with an invaluable resource, simply unavailable in any other format.

Sign up today for a FREE trial and see how Primal can provide you with effective teaching solutions.

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