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Primal and Anti Piracy

Primal Pictures and FAST

Primal Pictures works with FAST (Federation Against Software Piracy) , the organisation that helps protect Intellectual Property against file sharing, illegal downloading, piracy sites and copyright infringement.   We have, in the past and with the help of FAST, successfully prosecuted individuals or companies selling illegal copies of our software.

How piracy affects us:
Primal Pictures are a small independent publisher of interactive 3D anatomy software.  We produce high quality content that is used legitimately by thousands of practitioners, educators and students worldwide. 

Our software is the product of huge financial investment and many years of dedicated work by a team of in-house anatomists, computer graphics experts and programmers.  Our staff work very hard to produce and support our products and it is both morally wrong and extremely financially damaging to a small company to have individuals or groups steal our content. As the creators and copyright owners, we have very strict copyright protection on our products.

What is copyright infringement?
Copyright infringement includes but is not exclusive to:

  • An individual copying software for a friend.
  • A business under reporting the number of computers using the software.
  • Selling copied software.
  • Downloading illegal ‘free’ copies of our software from file share sites.
  • Using our images in the public domain or commercially (for profit) without authorisation and appropriate license fee. 

How to buy 


 BUY FROM US!! To purchase in the knowledge that you'll receive a genuine, legal, supported and fully functional product.

  • Purchasing from known and trusted sources. Please contact us directly for a list of trusted resellers. (If you purchase from one of our resellers, please keep the original receipt and invoice as proof of purchase. We will not provide technical support without valid proof of purchase.)
  • If you are a full time student, you can take advantage of student editions and discounts.  For more details please go to our student page

Top tips to prevent being caught out

  • Avoid "too good to be true" deals to avoid wasting valuable time and money on counterfeit or infringing software.

  • Do not attempt to buy our ‘Student" software unless you are a student.  "Student" is defined as an undergraduate student in full time education.  This includes Residents. If you qualify for educational software, you can purchase it from Primal Pictures student offers.

  • Using our software over a network. If our software is to be shared/used by more than one individual we do offer multiuser licensing.   There are hundreds of institutions worldwide who hold a license with us (or with one of our approved distributors), and are legitimately using Primal software in this way.   Please contact us if you wish to share your disc/online access and we can give you a quote for multi-user licensing within your workplace/institution. Online access is provided via our website
  • Online and downloads – to offer a flexible service our products are available online and through download but they are only sold through us or our trusted resellers. So if in doubt please contact us. Downloading from peer 2 peer sites or from unauthorised providers may seem like a cheap option but you are leaving your hardware or network at risk from much pricier risks:
    • Infiltration of Malware i.e. viruses, spyware, adware
    • System attacks; denial of services
    • Leaking of confidential information
    • Data theft
    • Indentity theft

Benefits of the legitimate copies

When you purchase a legitimate copy you get:

  • Software free of adware and viruses
  • access to our technical support
  • all the necessary updates and future upgrades

Our commitment to fighting piracy

Our copyright matters to us. We take illegal infringement seriously and we undertake constant activities online and on the high street to protect our intellectual property. Downloading ‘free’ copies of Primal Pictures software will result in a copyright infringement notice.  We constantly monitior online for illegal downloading of our software in partnership with FAST and French Solutions and we will take legal action based on these findings.  Read a case study where a student recently got prosecuted for copyright infringement.

Report piracy
If you suspect that software you have been sold is an illegal copy or, or if you know of an individual or company that is using, selling or supplying illegal/unlicensed copies of Primal Pictures software, please email us in the strictest confidence or please visit our anti-piracy partners FAST and use their reporting form at