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Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy Medical Software


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Reviews and Comments

Primal Pictures Software

"There is a digital healthcare revolution underway that is fundamentally changing the way medical information is shared, presented and used by physicians, educators and students. At the heart of this revolution is Primal Pictures, the World’s First Complete 3D Model of Human Anatomy..."  
Read more of Dr Belafsky's review of Primal Pictures software.
Dr Peter Belafsky

"We looked around at the different anatomy software/DVD available, and to us, the Primal Pictures ones were the best solution.

We were looking for clear and detailed images of the musculo skeletal system for our website and our newsletters. We wanted to help our employees get a better understanding of how their body works, and what works in their body during different exercises and which structure/muscles were involved in different types of injuries.

Thanks for designing such a great tool".

Pierre Drouin, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada

"........aside from the quality software, I would like to say that such personal care taken into a sale is all too commonly an abandoned practice from when sales were conducted at the storefront.

The internet has caused most businesses to take a very impersonal approach but for me personally, it was your courteous & efficient communication that 'sealed the deal' and would most likely have me returning in the future for further purchases.
I say this on behalf of all the personal customer care I've experienced from you but this most definitely speaks volumes about the company policies at Primal Pictures as well."

Dr Mazen Khan. MBBS

“I found it an invaluable resource during my MSc.”
Former MSc student - Health and Rehabilitation, University of Southampton

“Your product is a crowd pleaser.”
Dr Roy Meals. Primal Partner.

“The CD is excellent. A work of genius and will surely help anyone who has the use of it.  Congratulations.”
Orthopaedic Resident, Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Dublin, Ireland.

“..adds another dimension to the normal textbooks."
Lecturer BSc Podiatry, University of Southampton, UK

“My suggestion is if you want to present your clinic or services as being progressive and professional then this is the product for you. This is truly an exceptional new program and is highly recommended as both a reference and an educational resource for anyone dealing with human anatomy.”
Nicholas Parany, Massage Australia

“I find it the best interactive training tool on the market. Not only will it optimize your presentations, but it is an incredible anatomy study guide, fun, interactive, and creative. Installing is simple (for a change)…..”
Marie Jose Blom Lawrence

“Our MSc Physiotherapy students find that the site really helps them get useful and usable information not just related to the anatomy, but  also to the other information e.g. video clips, clinical information, images of anatomy such as MRI, etc.  As a lecturer, I find it really useful to be able to quickly bring up the site and point to aspects of anatomy and clinical anatomy whenever I need to.  I also appreciate being able to embed images, etc into my presentations etc."
Lecturer MSc Physiotherapy, University of Southampton, UK.

“Because Gross Anatomy is not a requirement of our program, I am ecstatic that we can get our students exposed to and using your incredible teaching aide. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea of the potential impact of your work on our field. “
Dr. Frank Yurasek

“I have indeed received the fabulous Primal CDs. They are everything as advertised and more. These are an educators dream.”
Ronald  C. Evans, DC, FACO, FICC

"Our students have been so fascinated with the Primal anatomy CDs that some have stayed up half the night studying the images and linking back and forth to text! I myself now can visualize anatomical relationships that previously were sketchy. The rotating 3D images and ability to "dissect" with a mouse click make learning anatomy fun and efficient. Now I can't wait for Primal to do for kinesiology what they've done for anatomy, by making the images of muscles and joints come alive with movement! “
David Johnson OUHSC-Dept of Rehab Science.  Oklahoma City

“This is a seriously useful piece of software that every practice should consider owning. And if you have an interest in sports or exercise medicine buy the CD as soon as possible. It is invaluable.”
Dr Jones, GP for GP Magazine

"The Interface is clean and simple"... "Highly recommended".  Read full review 
L M McMain. Sam Houston State University. Choice Magazine.

Primal Interactive Human: The 3D Real-time Body 

“Award winning 3D anatomy”, “stunning visuals”, “essential regional anatomy”…….

"I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Having been qualified for almost 34 years I would confidently say I have a good working knowledge of functional anatomy, or at least I thought I did until I was asked to do this review. Muscles… no problems, ligaments… no problems, fascia and nerves equally confident until it came to precisely identifying the trajectories of all the  arteries veins and lymph systems and then the confidence was a bit more shaky.

That’s where this product comes into its own. It’s a 3D model of human anatomy which can be rotated and various layers added or removed as required.

This multi layered system works both as a functional unit with each joint stripped bare and builds up a complete understanding of how each “layer” contributes to the “whole”. One layer can be overlaid or removed and then rotated for 3D precision. Perfect for either teaching or revision purposes. I can see it being as hugely beneficial in a peer review study group as easily as a one to one session as the detailed human anatomy, functional anatomy or human anatomy/physiology of each joint can be debated and opinion validated.

I decided too that whilst being asked to review the product I would use it also as an educational tool for those patients who I thought would appreciate the added “wow factor” during their evaluation and subsequent diagnosis. The response was one of amazement and implicit co-operation as the stunning visual animations really assisted their comprehension of what structure was irritated. Compliance was immediate as interest stimulated.

So as a tool “Primal Pictures” is as much a must for a student or new grad. as it is for someone of many years’ experience. Anyone using it will each have their own needs and requirements of the package as I have demonstrated but no-one cannot but be impressed with the simplicity of navigation around the site. The website uses pop-up windows for ease of this navigation and you just have to ensure that your web browser permits pop-ups not withstanding having a windows package that will support the software.

Access is via subscription: £160.00 for 12 months and the amount of accessible data available makes it tremendous value for money.

I would suggest without reservation that you trial this product and see for yourself how the 19 modules could enhance your practice in many different ways.

Without doubt an excellent on-line learning resource for you and a phenomenal “added value” for the patient."

Karen L. Winrow
Hon. Educ. &Research Officer Physio First.

Go to Primal Interactive Human: The 3D Real-time Body

"It is a superb way of navigating through the human body in three dimensions.  This product is fully interactive allowing the viewer to rotate the 3D models in any direction to see all round the chosen structure.  A click of the mouse allows the viewer to add muscles or ligaments to the bone skeleton and even fascia can be added and taken away at will.  Arteries and veins, nerves and lymphatics all appear in clear and correct relation to each other.  If this were not enough it allows you to create your own image library, royalty free and then import personal choices directly into Power Point or Word for teaching or writing purposes, with or without your own labels or annotations."

Dr Stephen Sandler PhD DO. Senior Lecturer
The British School of Osteopathy, London

Go to Primal Interactive Human: The 3D Real-time Body

"The 3D real-time viewer I was pleased to use is AMAZING!! It's so easy to use and so beautiful.  My colleagues were completely surpirsed by the astonishing quality and simplicity in which it is to use.  As a radiologist we use images all day, every day.  Your images are THE images to use in presentations or just for anatomic correlation during evaluation of scans."

Dr S.C van Bokhoven, Musculoskeletal Radiologist
The Netherlands

Anatomy & Physiology Online

"An excellent online learning resource. Well laid out and easy to use. The interactive 3D models and narrated animations breathe life into the anatomy, and make physiological concepts much easier to understand."
Dr Jamie Roebuck
Clinical Education Fellow and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK

"I am impressed by all of the features in Primal Online Learning. I am sure that users will continue to discover unique features and tools as they learn anatomy and physiology with POL."

"The modular design should allow a variety of users to focus on just the aspects they need while still having all of the many features available as their learning matures."
Craig Clifford, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma, USA

"Primal Pictures has succeeded in developing an online Anatomy and Physiology course in which the material is broken up into modules with impressive 3D images that can be rotated at will. Modules allow students to easily locate and review specific topics and include a lengthy quiz module. Quiz questions follow various formats and provide students with immediate feedback."
K. Flies, Ph. D., Biology Instructor
Central Community College of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

"I have reviewed "Primal online learning – Anatomy and Physiology" and found it to be a great study tool. The software includes many helpful features – interactive illustrations, clear and detailed explanations and good chapter quizzes. I would definitely recommend using the software in and out of class to enhance the learning experience."
Amira Shaham-Albalancy, PhD, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology
Collin College, TX, USA

"I find the tool helpful since it is loaded with great illustrations; the layer-by-layer illustrations make a great learning tool for students to know the location, components and relationships between the components for a system. There are some great animations for some of the processes. Altogether, this is a great tool to help students in Biology fields learn about the basics of Anatomy and Physiology. At the same time, this is also a tool that can cater to students who are in field of medicine. This program allows the instructor and students to customize the information suited for their individual needs."
Mrunalini Vikram Pattarkine, Ph D., Associate Professor Biotechnology; Coordinator, Biotechnology
University of Science and Technology, Harrisburg, USA.

Anatomy & Physiology Online

Interactive Functional Anatomy

"Interactive Functional Anatomy is a remarkable achievement.  If Michelangelo had seen this, he would have been even better”
J. Hurdon

Go to Interactive Functional Anatomy

3D Head and Neck for Dentistry

"I’ve only just installed this new DVD-ROM on my iMac, but I can already tell you it’s the new “must have” for all dentists, especially anyone with an interest in the anatomy and function of the muscles of mastication and the TMJs.

The impressive roll call of authors includes Prof Patricia Reynolds, Director of Flexible Learning at King’s Dental Institute, along with Barry Berkovitz and Bernie Moxham, who had the difficult task of teaching me 2nd BDS anatomy and physiology in the 1970s at Bristol Dental School. They have also published a number of beautifully illustrated and very popular dental anatomy and physiology text books over the years.

Priced at £180 this is something of a bargain for a very comprehensive DVD-ROM (PC and Mac compatible) of this quality. I can’t begin to imagine the number of potential uses there are for this product, but it will be invaluable not only for dentists’ own education, and also a great aid to communicating with dental nurses, hygienists and, most importantly perhaps, patients.

Roy and I use many of the animations  already in our lectures, but there are some new ones included here that will make to job of explaining the anatomy and function of the masticatory system considerably easier in the future. What will be particularly invaluable though will be the chance for our delegates to review what they have learned back at home or in the practice."  
Andy Lane

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Interactive Head and Neck

"The Primal Head and Neck software demonstrates structures and movements that were previously difficult to visualize with beautifully designed interactive graphics which has definitely taken anatomical education and presentation to the next level."
David Kent
International Instructor of Human Anatomy and Manual Therapy

3D Head & Neck Anatomy

"Optometrists and their patients will be amazed by the new interactive href="">3D Head and Neck software just released this month by Primal Pictures.

OAA Staff were thoroughly impressed by the eye module which enables the user to view a 3D eyeball from any angle and “peel” back the layers to demonstrate the different structures inside the eye. The level of detail in the eye module is such that it would not be difficult for a lay person to understand the images; however it includes enough detail to enable the optometrist to demonstrate where most eye problems and diseases occur. In addition, there are layered 3D images of the orbit (including detailed views of the vascular supply and distribution of nerves), extraocular muscles and lacrimal apparatus. The software also provides an astonishing level of detail of the anatomy of the brain, head, neck, ears, face, oral cavity and skull that would be invaluable for any anatomy student – if only it were available when I was in 2nd year Optometry!
Paula Katalinic (OAA NSW Projects officer, Australia)

"....DVD shows excellent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sectional images of the head and neck along side diagramatic anatomical views.  These are appropriately labelled and the images can be scrolled from deep to superficial as well as rotated in the vertical plane.  In days where less emphasis is placed on Anatomy teaching this would also be suitable for medical students, particularly as cadaver dissections are included."
Neil S Tolley, Consultant ENT Surgeon, St Mary’s Hospital, London, UK. ENT News Sept/Oct 2007

Go to 3D Head and Neck Anatomy with Special Senses and Basic Neuroanatomy

Anatomy For Exercise

"In summary, this software is an excellent tool for trainers and coaches alike. This tool is very beneficial in understanding how certain exercises transfer to the systems you are trying to train. It improves the understanding of functional anatomy in as deep of a way as you want it, from learning about gross structures right down to microscopic ones. The interface is extremely easy to use and the images are very aesthetically pleasing. The simplicity of the interface allows the user to simply pop in the disc and start using the program right away. We recommend this software for any trainers who have even the slightest interest in functional anatomy and its important implications to sport and physical fitness."  See full review here
Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre 

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Anatomy For Urology

"26 different surgical videos cover real case scenarios, for example incontinence, laparoscopic prostatectomy and nephrectomy. Surgical videos are sub-divided in stages to give better understanding and relevance to each part of the procedures. Each video provides information about useful manoeuvres, appropriate instruments and methods to achieve better surgical outcomes. Watching videos of challenging laparoscopic procedures, for example heminephrectomy in horseshoe kidney, makes operations appear manageable. Facility to print, save and use images for Word and PowerPoint can be extremely useful for presentations, handouts and teaching purposes."
Read full review of Anatomy for Urology by the BJUI 

from BJUI.orgDate added to 22/02/2010

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3D Anatomy for Speech Language Pathology

Review from Royal College of Speech Languate Therapists

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